All ships in sea and fresh water have to use an antifouling product to protect the hull for on-growth of biological organisms, mussels and algae.

THE OLD WAY TO PROTECT YOUR SHIP was to cover the hull with a strong environmental polluting antifouling paint, containing toxic substances. 

Every year or two years taking your boat out of the water to remove all fouling and toxic antifouling paint and then cover the hull again with toxic antifouling paint. 

This method is also not very efficient because the paints usually do not last long and their antifouling effect is weakened whenever the ship lies still.


THE NEW WAY TO PROTECT YOUR SHIP is to cover the hull with Finsulate® antifouling foil.
Finsulate® is a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to toxic antifouling paint.

Tiny stings on the foil surface prevent the attachment of algae, mussels or other biological organisms.

The only chance for organisms to attach is on the outer end of those tiny stings, but from there they can easily be removed with a sponge or a brush and the ship can stay in the water while the removal happens. 


The fouling protection of Finsulate® antifouling foil works if the ship is moving or lying still and it’s durability of at least 5 years means that you’ll definitely save on the yearly maintenance costs.


FINSULATE® is a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to toxic antifouling paint.
It is a long-lasting product with a 5-year warranty and an expected 10-year lifetime.



  • Non-toxic antifouling products

  • Sustainable & ecologically responsible

  • Saves maintenance time

  • Saves maintenance costs

  • Saves fuel

  • Efficient