Finsulate® antifouling foil is a 100% environmentally friendly alternative to toxic antifouling paint.
It is a long-lasting product with a 5-year warranty and an expected 10-year lifetime.

Finsulate® antifouling foil is successfully sold around the world since 7 years, in fresh and salt water regions.

Finsulate® antifouling foil can be applied to all kinds of marine structures fixed or moving, from small boats to motor yachts and from sailing yachts to large vessels.
Our customers are both private and professional. 

Dr. Ir. Rik Breur


All boats that stay in the water need a toxic coat of copper or zinc based biocide antifouling paint to protect their hull against marine growth.

This toxic paint is made to slowly release into the water, preventing marine organisms from attaching.


While our waters get intentionally polluted by this toxic antifouling paint, boat owners need to refresh this toxic paint layer every 1 or 2 years.

Also read: Article by University of Oldenburg 23-02-2021

'Protective ship coatings as an underestimated source of microplastic pollution"



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